• Skills

    Respected executive technology leader offering on-time delivery of bleeding-edge technology. Creative problem solving provider with 10 years of CTO/CIO experience and sustainable changes orientation; skilled big-picture observer, conceptualizer and developer capable of speaking with C-level executives and technological teams. Excellent in achieving company goals using modern technological platforms.

    1. SCRUM
    2. Scalability and the large-scale systems
    3. On-time delivery & Project management
    4. Offshore / in-house development
    5. Technology architecture and integration
    1. Budgeting / cost control
    2. Leading edge software development
    3. Staff management and team building
    4. Development process setup/audit
    5. Strategic Analysis / Management level in-house consulting
  • PhD

    Irkutsk State Technical University

    October 2005 – April 2008

    Degree: Ph.D. in Computer Science.

    The PhD research was focused on complex J2EE web-application development based on i.Portal framework/web application platform. The modular template-based design of applications had been proposed. MDA (Model-driven architecture) and Eclipse plugins were developed as a part of the research. The security and resource distribution best practices were described in the thesis.

  • Bachelor

    Irkutsk State Technical University

    September 1999 – June 2004

    Degree: Bachelor in Computer Science. Diploma with distinction.

    GPA: 5 out of 5

  • Trainings

    Tekama certified software architect – Moscow, February 2007

    Aptech certified trainer (C, MSSQL, HTML/DreamWeaver, Java) – Mumbai, August 2010

  • Lead Developer

    Electionear Inc

    November 2012 – present

    In charge of the company product architecture, back-end and front-end development using Google AppEngine, Google Web-Toolkit, Google Maps, Android and other Google technologies. Was a part of team which set the company development processes. Helped to reach 12 score on the Joel test. Responsible for outsource team communications.
    1. Reengineered front-end GWT code that fueled improvements to productivity, efficiency and stability of browser part of application. Developed code and system design for all system modules and often coordinated rollout.
    2. Led, architected and participated in the design, testing and deployment of GAE and Android modules of Electionear.
    3. Developed procedures for code management, review and code-base maintenance.
    1. Perform scalability, durability and performance code audit and improvements.
    2. Trained and mentored junior programmers in programming methodologies and best practices.
    3. Served as a lead group member in defining and prioritizing technologies used in a company.
  • CTO

    i.Point LLC

    July 2002 – present

    Responsible for all aspects of the overall technology vision, core projects design, J2EE-based projects management and software development, scalability and performance audit, operational management, technical and platform’s policies and configuration development (Android, Win NT4/2000/2003, FreeBSD, Solaris, Financial software, networking), recruiting and HR management. Built and managed a team of 10+ developers, mentoring in design/scalability/tech problem resolution.
    Successful projects:

    www.organizer.com. Electionear is a first mobile app for political campaigns and advocacy organizations of any size. It lets to have high-impact conversations with voters and constituents without wasting precious time and money in the process. Electionear is based on Google technologies including Google AppEngine, BigQuery, Google Web Toolkit, Android as mobile OS.
    Project role: architect, lead developer.

    Mobile grid platform for STEM subjects social learning and knowledge measurement. http://www.mopsproject.org. MoPS is a distributed desktop/mobile educational platform. It utilizes peer-based questioning and game techniques to increase social knowledge. Software implementation works on Windows and Android. Device communications are P2P-based. Desktop UI is JavaFX-based. Android client is a native application.
    Project role: project leader, architect, model/requirements developer.

    Distant learning system development. J2EE-based SCORM 2004 compliant distant learning system. i.Logos utilizes JBoss Application Server technology stack as well as i.Portal framework features.
    Project role: architect, lead developer.

    This is a software platform that allows to create, manage and support websites content. It is based on modular design that helps to speed up development of dynamic Internet applications. A multisite and multi domain support is a key feature of the platform.
    Project role: project leader, architect, lead developer.

  • Associate Professor (part-time)

    National Research Irkutsk State Technical University

    September 2004 – January 2012

    Courses: Programming techniques, Operation systems, Probability theory.

    Technologies: Java, JSP, Servlets, SQL, XML, XSL, FreeBSD, Windows, Solaris.
  • Deputy Vice-Rector

    National Research Irkutsk State Technical University

    August 2006 – April 2011

    In charge of the management of Internet Technology Center of the University, distance learning system deployment, the University web-sites development and content management, the development of the University web-content and distant learning policy, Aptech education center academic staff management (hiring, education plans, marketing and budgeting). Built a core team for web-design and technical support. Built interuniversity relationship to solicit content for a web-site and educational resources. Faculty training process was established.
    Successful projects:

    i.Logos Distance Learning System deployment. Distant Learning System was deployed from scratch. More than 15000 students were trained. Security/access policies were developed. Backup/restore procedure were set up and managed. Second-level support agreement and processes were created.
    Project role: General management, project team build, technical overview/design, relationship management.

    2 University web-site updates. Both projects included complete the web-site and content redesign. The first migration project also included the platform change from i.Portal CMS to OpenCMS. In-house content producing and interuniversity relationships were managed. 3000+ pages were updated
    Project role: General management, project team build, technical overview/design, relationship management.

    300+ distant learning courses development. The educational content development team was built and trained. All produced courses are SCORM-compliant. Content authoring software was designed and developed. More than $0.5M budget savings due to internal course development resources used.
    Project role: Project management, HR management, internal relationship, budgeting, costs control.

    In-house and out-house distant learning technologies training process built. 500+ University faculties and third-party professors were taught. Course materials, guides and tests were developed.
    Project role: Project management, HR management, content development and review.

    In-house client support process built. Student and faculty technical/methodical support process was designed and implemented with more than 15000 users. The support team was built and trained from scratch. 24/7 system monitoring was implemented.
    Project role: Project management, process definition and audit.

    Aptech educational center set up and the educational process management. Aptech is an India-based training company. Aptech center was opened from scratch in 2009. Trainers hiring / certification process, overall educational process management and headquarter reporting were managed. A team of 12+ trainers was built.
    Project role: project budgeting, educational process management, HR, Aptech policy audit, headquarter reporting.

  • Technologies

    1. Java: Google technology stack (including Google AppEngine, Android), Core Java, Java 2 EE (EJB, JMS, JSP/Servlet, WebServices), JBoss, Tomcat.
    2. Web: Google Web Toolkit (including MVP and GWTP), HTML, XML/XSLT, Velocity, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Templating, JQuery, Advanced Google Maps (JavaScript API).
    3. Databases: NoSQL (incl. Google DataStore), BigQuery, SQL, Firebird, MS SQL
    1. Testing/Building: JUnit, Selenium, Robotium, Maven, Ant, Jenkins (ex. Hudson), SVN, Git, Gerrit.
    2. OS: Android, Windows (incl. 2000/2003 Server), FreeBSD, Solaris, basic Linux.
    3. Network: HTTP, TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, NAT
    4. Architect: UML, ER, SOA, REST, Advanced distributed systems and systems on-demand, Cross-system data exchange, Dialers API.

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